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What exactly man and van means? Man and van is a driver with a van who can help with loading and unloading. Can be as well with two or three more people to help depends how big is the move.

Man and van can do:

  • House relocation
  • Office relocation
  • Single item moving
  • Collection and delivery
  • Delivery of construction materials
  • Motorbike transport
  • Packing if required

Ok man and van is delivering more quality with this type of services. The professionalism of our teams give you confidence that you make the right choice.

No matter if you are moving your whole house or just a single fridge, the way the items are transported is extremely important. We take great care of anything that is loaded and transported to your new address.

However, we also prefer to be notified of any antique or rare items so they can be wrapped with extra materials for better protection. The movers will also be very cautious when handling them into and out of the van to guarantee the safety of such belongings.

A good moving company operates on solid expertise, skill and knowledge. All our staff are expert in their field whether they are drivers, removal workers or our expert packing team who will come and pack for you if you need them to.

professional ok man and van worker

Certainly your requirements will be considered by our team. Protective and packing materials to move your goods will be supplied if we are booked to pack. The equipment in our vans extends to tools that will help to disassemble, packing, and assemble your large items of furniture.

Above all safety is very important at ok man and van. Because of that we take care about every thing and take precaution on any move. Finally if you need more information just get in touch with us.

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